Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Fly-T &Ritchie Rufftone on the decks at Breakin Convention 07

DJ Fly-T, Ritchie Rufftone and Profisee at Breakin Convention Edinburgh 07
Break dancing event with B Boys and B girls from all round the world, this footage was taken at the interval where audience members jammed with performers. Fly-T and Rufftone cut it up on the decks ,check www.myspace.com/capital1212 for more old school hip hop

exclusive 1212 freestyle with Serocee,Leen,Profisee and Mr Shaodow

Here the guys are on tour ,they dropped by to give us an exclusive freestyle over our beats

old footage of Raw and Disorder release party

This was a dope party for the release of our Raw and Disorder ep,The legendary Mix kings ripped it up on the decks and we did our thang with Profisee,this seems a while back now but is getting me in the mood for 2010's releases
Capitol 1212 at Volume ,Edinburgh

Monday, 26 October 2009

New Free Jazzy Jeff Mix

My favourite DJ Jazzy Jeff has jus finished a new michael jackson mix ,jeff shows of his usual top skills here,dam jeff needs to do something with 1212,only contact ive had with jeff was selling him 4 pairs of the same trainer-TRUE STORY

download full mix here:http://www.mediafire.com/?gc2xzmjhyzm

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Our homie Profisee's dope new release

Label: Cloak X Dagger
Vinyl X Digital


"On the run like I'm Logan......"

Cloak X Dagger are proud to present their first release on plastic and digital formats. You have 7 days to download your exclusive "Zoning//What it Seems" package before it terminates.

The Zoning E.P is a collaborative project envisioned by the Scotland's resident MC Profisee and San Francisco based producer Eprom. Both artists operate outside the conventions and rules of traditional hip hop and dance music culture, which is what makes the Zoning E.P all the more special. It's regional, global, progressive... and best of all, sounds ballistic on the club floor. Futurist beats collide with introspective vocals, bass heavy and zoned out to its core, taking their style to another dimension.

Prof is no stranger to the mic, over the years he has worked with the likes of Neil Landstrumm, Process Rebel, Yard Emcees, Hexstatic and forthcoming joints already bubbling with Poirier Sound.
Now is the time for Profisee to solidify himself as a solo artist.

The vinyl release will include an exclusive tribal reworking of "Zoning" from LuckyMe head honcho's The Blessings, plus reduxes of both tracks on the digital format from Vigilante, (Great Ezcape) possessed by Beethoven. Edinburgh's own hip hop impresario Nasty P and new artist RVLT.
The Zoning Ep is set to break the mould and cast off any stigma attached to regional UK emcees.

Check it out and let us know what you think... Profisee will be available for radio/press interviews and sessions. Please get intouch.

Can We Get a Witness?>>>>Reactions>>>>

This is BIG! Already played it...

(Mary Anne Hobbes – BBC Radio 1 / Various – UK)

Wobbly ass hip hop.

(Mathhead – Trouble & Bass/ Various / US)

Thanks, into this - those crazy Scot's!

(Bok Bok – Night Slugs/ Sub FM/ Various - UK)

Woh! Big Prof on the mic. Loving ‘What It Seems’ and the Instrumental. BIG.

(Disorda - Suspect Packages Ltd. - UK)

Filthy, dirty & BIG!

(Etienne – Heads High Soundsystem - UK)

This some ill shit, Scotland Stand UP!!

(Orifice Vulatron - Foreign Beggars - UK)

Shit is bumping. Pressure !!!

(Mathieu Schreyer - KCRW - US)

Roc Raida tribute

Rest in Peace Homie, heres clip of the worlds dopest djs comin tgether to celebrate raida's life


my homies leen,mr shaodow and serocee came thru scotland this week on a unique tour,go to their website to find out more
basically they were jus turning up at different cities every night,rollin to whatever was on ,killin it big time and leaving thousands of people wanting more

these 3 guys are the dopest mcs in the UK right now,keep checkin for updates to see how they are gettin,i had great fun with them doin the tour manager role for a couple of days ha ha

http://www.rustoopid.com for more info and to see some funny clips

Monday, 12 October 2009

RIP Roc Raida

Roc Raida was a huge inspiration to myself and my djing, I was lucky enough to get chance to meet him and hang with him a bit and it turned out he was also a really nice dude,great sense of humor and one of the greatest dj's of all time
my thoughts are with his family

Little Young

Check our 2 favouitre mc's new track here ,our homie ED OG and Masta Ace tell you what time it is

Wednesday, 12 August 2009


Heres our new mix with legendary Bronx rapper and our good friend Donald D
Its an hour of tracks by Donald D and covers his hits with the B Boys through to his Rhyme Syndicate days and finishes with his some of his new work-

Theres some great exclusives and collabs with Ice_t,Kurtis Blow,Grandmaster Caz,Melle mel and of course us
Capitol 1212 here is the link http://www.divshare.com/download/8127172-7c5

we are currently finishing of a bunch of new tracks and writing and recording with some great people at the moment such as Tenor Fly, ED OG, Mike G(Jungle Brothers), Dizzy(ugly duckling),Cadence(raw produce),Time Machine,Profisee,Danny Diamond,Serocee,Mr Bang on and more

Watch this space!!!

Sunday, 9 August 2009


Check Professa Fresh's(capitol 1212)own blog page where he has exclusives by us as well as news on all his otha crazy dope projects, for those that jus know fresh from our 1212 stuff go and explore his drum n bass,his punk band and his new solo project.
Get Professa Fresh's mix cd here,I can recommend this mix from a few years ago,real dope plus it has a 1212 exclusive remix in there

New Vapors mixtape

Check the new mixtape by Mr Biscuits and Bob disasta,I used to run a club night with these guys called Vapors-the graf on the photo was by Mie 1 who was also in the crew-good days and good times

In the photo we got all the old crew-Fly-t,dj sheep,babes,bob disasta and mr biscuits

This is a dope mix-some would call it random rap or hip hop rares
i would say fuck that it just a solid good hip hop mix
Mr Biscuits and Bob Disaster Vapors Mixtape 2.

Hostyle - Partners In Crime.
D-Moet and Excalibur - Dance to Excalibur.
B.O.$ - Da Bona (Remix).
Cool C - Down to the Grissle.
Antoinette - I Got An Attitude.
Butchy B - Hip Hop Terrorist.
3 Da Hardway - Hyped.
Kid Flash - Mind Your Business.
Supreme Nyborn - Versatile Extension.
N.M.C and A.D.J - The Messiah.
Ron Delite and 45 King - Checkmate You Lose.
Nile Kings - Droppin Bombs.
Trouble - I Get Hype.
3.D. - From Da Giddy Up.
Wild Boyz - I Thought U Knew.
Sport G and Mastermind - Sport Could Get Fluid.
BAD R.E.P - Nothing Can Stop Us Now.
Sway and King Tech - Baddest Mutha On 2 Turntables.
P-19 - Mass Confusion.
Talaam - Good News (Chariots A Comin.)
911 Volts - Champion Of Love.
E & J - Lyrically Insane.
Intelligent Hoodlum - Arrest The President.

download here

Monday, 13 July 2009

Capitol 1212 recording with Boston legend ED OG

we are happy to say we have completed a dope track called "FIYAH" with our favourite MC Boston legend ED OG
the man took a break from recording his new LP with Masta Ace to drop a dope verse for us
we then added 3 of the hottest UK MC's -Profisee-Serocee-Mr Bang On
you cant hear it yet but here is one of my favourite clips of Ed from back in the day

b boys new track

hey check our good homie donald d's new track with Brother B-yeah thats right a B-BOYS REUNION
now this video didnt have a big budget as you can see and proves you dont need one-takin it back as the lads rock out in the streets of Italy

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Big Stoo entering ring to kick ass to "I SEE"

Here is mixed martial artist Big SToo entering the ring to our track "I SEE
to get the download of this track with Profisee click here

for the DEMA(Lucky Me) remix

Monday, 29 June 2009

10 tracks

ten tracks-get 1212 track plus others for a pound
this is a great site everyone should have a look,basically you get 10 dope tracks for a pound

check it out here as our homies cloak x dagger have got a new page on it where they select the artists and tracks there feelin,

we have given them a 1212 exclusive "everybody move like robot" which has only been available on vinyl up til now,this track has been played by most of your favourite djs at clubs and festivals round the world so go get it
Cloak X Dagger Ten Tracks Channel
Cloak X Dagger on TenTracks.....go get em'

heres da link

Wednesday, 3 June 2009



David Pollock selects ten of Scotland’s brightest hip hop talents

Combining fierce vocal ability with commercial versatility, fast-rapping Glaswegian Sumati Bhardwaj has opened for Basement Jaxx and Aphex Twin, and performed diverse styles such as reggae with Mungo’s Hi-Fi and folk alongside The Burns Unit.

Around since the days of the Scotland Yard MCs, Profisee is a solo artist and the former co-promoter of Edinburgh’s Volume dubstep and grime night. His partner Ema Johnson used to be involved there too and the pair now record together as Cloak X Dagger.

Starting out as a boyband in their teens, the Edinburgh trio have grown up (sorta) and grabbed attention in NME, Front, Arena and of course nabbed a List cover for themselves. The commercial face of Scottish hip hop, they’re a crew of effortless party-starters.

A throwback to the good ol’ days when a rap single wasn’t a rap single without a massive string sample from an old soul track over the top, Edinburgh producers Fly-T and Professa Fresh make fine music. Also check out their DJ sets around the country and their debut single on Mungo’s Hi-Fi.

Influenced as much by Dr Dre and Ice Cube as they are desi and bhangra sounds, Glaswegian brothers Raj and Pops are fixtures on the local scene and set to go further. Bobby Friction is a fan and they’re signed to the Panjabi MC-breaking Nachural label.

This isn’t a time for Sugababes and Girls Aloud, is it?’ asks Northern Xposure’s Eunice Olumide. ‘But that’s what the bourgeoisie want us to listen to. As long as we don’t think about reality while they make their money and ruin the economy and the economies of other poor countries suffering in the world.’
Not the kind of thing a Scots-Nigerian girl from a council estate in Edinburgh’s Sighthill should be concerning herself with, right? Wrong, of course. The only one of her peer group who went to university, Olumide would travel to London in her mid-teens and rapped on the same stages as a pre-fame Mike Skinner and Estelle. She’s toured the world since with her older brother Ibrahim and the Northern Exposure crew – a bunch of kids from the local area who help with performing, production and crewing. ‘This band isn’t a youth club,’ says Olumide, ‘though sometimes it feels like it’.

Call it ‘aquacrunk’ if you like, but there’s more than a bit of hip hop in the squelchy, space-adventurer sound of the LuckyMe Collective’s most well-known, Warp-signed artists. Also see; Jay P, The Blessings, Dema, Nadsroic, Mr Copy, Éclair FiFi.

Also on Crystal Wish, the elusive Kyon and Dyems post only childhood photos of themselves on MySpace, but make atmospheric electronic pop with a large amount of Scots-accented MCing going on.

The Glasgow-born, Bronx-raised MC does big, beefy, high-gloss jams and raised his profile previously having collaborated with N.O.R.E. and Busta Rhymes.

Mates Bobby and Olly from Edinburgh work together and separately on a range of old-school productions with an electro edge, which are earning them work with artists like Prince Po and Sha Stimuli. Bobby’s older brother is in Found, which is a good eclecticism indicator.

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Capitol 1212 performing with Profisee MP3's and Video

Last month capitol 1212 performed with Profisee at the Caves for a Miller Beer sponsored event, also on stage with us were Simba and Vigilante from Great Escapez, It was a dope night so big up everyone that came out and supported. We covered a wide range of tracks that Profisee has wokred on over last few years including a couple he has relased with us.
Follow this link and it will take you to the page where you can see photos and download Live MP3's of the gig
Also check out our extended familly Big Toes HiFi on the same page as they were supporting us.

Fly T's 10 question interviews

Im going to be interviewing various Hip Hop Artists we all like over the next while
asking them 10 questions each. So many interviews ask a load of questions covering peoples whole life stories,now I aint no journalist so im picking some dope artists and asking em 10 questions that I know people will want to know about

Please check back in here and follow this blog so you don't miss a good read

fly-t aka clark kent


As this is a new blog page we're doing here's a lil gift-the A side of a 45 we put out last summer on reggae label Big Toes Hi Fi

It features the Syndicate Sniper Donald D and our favourite Reggae Mc Daddy Scotty
The Track is Called "Where Im at", Now If you Like this go and buy the 45 as the B side is flippin good, its available at most dope record stores worldwide.

Free Capitol 1212 Mini Mix

Here is a 20 minute Mix that you may have seen us do at the start of the gigs we did last year to promote our "Raw and Disorder EP" before we kicked into the live show. Well we recorded it for our homie DJ CRO's radio show, you can catch the whole show on his blog here.

or you can go straight to and get the mix here

Capitol 1212 to be sponsored by StrictlyKings Clothing

We've been approached by a couple clothing lines about a "sponsorship type deal" in the past but we were never really feeling the threads.

Now we are happy to say we have joined up with a clothing line which we are really diggin.
Strictly Kings and Capitol 1212 are gonna be joining forces , " Im feeling all the designs i've seen by em, I like my Hip Hop clothing to represent my taste in Hip Hop music, dope and classic "says DJ Fly-T
Check the website here where you can buy the shirts Fly-T and Professa Fresh are wearing in the picture above at the Ghostface Killah gig, O2 Academy.